Our Boys

Below Are Our Absolutely Gorgeous Studs, Pippen and Monte!!!






Medieval Pippen of Luvleedolls

Pippen is a Seal Point Bicolor

Testing Done On Pippen And Results:

RD HCM Mutation:  Negative
MC HCM Mutation:  Negative
Feline Leukemia Virus (“FeLV”) Test:  Negative
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (“FIV”) Test:  Negative

Pippen Pippen, Pippen…our super sweet boy!!!  Where do I even start about this boy?!  Pippen is our beautiful upcoming Stud from Connie Harvey at Medieval Cattery, located in Pennsylvania.  I cannot even begin to describe Pippen’s wonderful personality!  He’s just such an awesome boy.  His personality is just so full of life, and he’s such a little clown!  He adds so much life to our home…he’s just the best.  He just lights up the room…he’s such a joy to be around, and we absolutely adore him!!!!!  He’s just everything to us…he’s got everything we could ever want in a boy!  Just like his sister, Piper, the second we pet this wonderful boy, he becomes an instant purring machine!!!  We just flip this boy on his back in our arms, and he does not even move…lol. He’s definitely a little mamma’s boy who LOVES attention 🙂  He just has to be a part of everything that goes on!!!  We cannot wait to see the babies that he will produce…I’m sure they will have his absolutely wonderful personality and sweetness!  We are absolutely honored and so very lucky to have Connie’s babies!  A HUGE thank you goes out Connie for allowing us to have this wonderful boy and for her true friendship!!!








TICA GCH. Palacedolls Count Monte Cristo of Luvleedolls

 Monte is A Blue Point Bicolor

Testing Done On Monte And Results:

RD HCM Mutation: Negative
MC HCM Mutation: Negative
Feline Leukemia Virus (“FeLV”) Test: Negative
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (“FIV”) Test: Negative

Monte comes from Angela Turner of Palacedolls in Canada! Monte is just the sweetest little boy, who loves to give hugs and kisses. He just couldn’t be more sweeter. He is just a non-stop purring machine, and is just an absolutely beautiful boy! He’s such a floppy little love bug, the way a Ragdoll should be 🙂 At Monte’s very first TICA show in Westbury, NY, he was the BEST Ragdoll kitten in the entire show, and received many wonderful compliments from the judges!!!!! Thank you so very much for trusting us with one of your beautiful babies Angela!!!!!